How we can help you

We help our clients to:

  • Understand how their past informs how they experience the present. 
  • Live authentic and congruent lives, especially when it comes to faith and religion, sexuality and gender expression, vocation, and more. 
  • Work through the unique dynamics related to religious deconstruction, spiritual abuse, and adverse religious experiences. 
  • Make decisions and problem solve about whether to stay or leave a religion or group. 
  • Understand power and control, undue influence, and narcissistic leadership in the context of high control religions, cults, and organizations. 
  • Build skills to live the best life possible with confidence and vision. 

Our clients are able to establish meaning for their life that is consistent with their own values and supported by healthy community. It is our priority to hold space for our clients to be wherever they are at. This is a safe space to be 'in process' and 'in between'; the grey, unknown, and complexity is welcome! 

What to Expect

  • Authenticity

    We are an every-day, down-to-earth people and we avoid top-down relationships, admit to our own shortcomings, and meet our clients on a personal, human level.

  • Connection/Community

    We are built for connection; when we truly experience healthy connection and community, so much can change and be restored.

  • Curiosity

    We are life-long learners and hold a strong curiosity about the world and believe in “further up and further in.”

  • Collaboration

    We believe in the ‘village’ and we highly value collaboration with others whose work intersects with ours, whether other mental health professionals, artists, faith leaders, NGOs, and more.

  • Respect

    we highly respect the autonomy of our clients and their process, and hold space for all individuals, regardless of religion, sexuality, gender, age, or ethnicity.

  • Consistency

    We are trustworthy and we do what we say that we will do.

Yes, we use only HIPAA compliant, secure technology for our sessions and the storage of our notes. Confidentiality is of top importance and we do everything in our power to make sure this is the case, especially through the internet. If you would like more information about which specific programs we use, we are happy to answer any questions!

Within Canada, we can see clients who are located in all provinces and territories, except for Quebec (due to provincial regulations). 

Technology offers a lot of flexibility and many of our clients live all over the world, especially in the Middle East. We have to follow the regulations for counsellors/therapists in the country where each client is located. Unfortunately, due to this, we are unable to see clients who are in the US.

However, if you are from or located in a country where we have never seen a client, we are happy to do research on the regulations in that country as part of deciding whether we are a good fit.

Although some Canadian and international insurance companies cover our services, we are not officially part of any insurance panels and cannot guarantee coverage. It is the client's responsibility to determine whether they have coverage or not. We highly recommend reaching out to your insurance company before starting therapy.

Additionally, we do not provide direct-billing to insurance companies. Regardless of whether your insurance covers our sessions or not, it is the expectation that all fees be paid up front and a receipt will be issued after each session for possible reimbursement. 

Below are the registration numbers for each counsellor at Find Your Way Counselling, in case you would like to inquire with your insurance provider before pursuing therapy. If you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected]

Kelsey Hoff: 

- Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association: Canadian Certified Counsellor, #10000991

Yoonjin Park: 

- Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, #RP(Q)13427

Professional Art Therapist

- Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association: Canadian Certified Counsellor, #11242785

Jen Warren: 

- Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association: Student Member, #11244677

That's no problem! We offer a free 20 minute consultation without any pressure to book a session afterwards. It is really important to us that both you and your counsellor feel good about working together.

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Two clinicians offer in-person services! 

Eliisha Ens sees clients in-person in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Yoonjin Park sees clients in-person in Humboldt, Saskatchewan.

All clinicians, including Eliisha and Yoonjin, offer sessions online across Canada (except for Quebec) and internationally. 

Studies overwhelmingly suggest that it is! We encourage you to do your research, but just as a place to start, check out these articles:

Each clinician draws from approaches that align with how they naturally work as counsellors and with the training that they have received. You can see the individual approaches under 'Booking Details' for each clinician.

If you aren't sure about which approach(s) might serve you best, we recommend that you fill out a Counselling Inquiry Form and we will match you with the clinician who is most likely to be a good fit. You also have an opportunity to do a free consultation before deciding to start counselling. This is a great time to ask any specific questions that you might have about the counsellor's approaches. 

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We offer a free 20 minute consultation without any pressure to book a session afterwards. It is really important to us that both you and your counsellor feels good about working together.

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